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Our management team

Message from the president

Many changes to our landscape...

Driven by a will and desire to always better meet our clients' needs and expectations, we can proudly say that Alia Consulting continues to offer the broadest range of expertise in training and organizational development of any Quebec-based organization.

Training trends
More and more, training consulting firms are becoming content animators and learning facilitators, both in person and online (virtual mode). The à la carte training provider role has been replaced by the numerous training activities available on the Internet. The trend that is pushing learners to be autonomous and accountable in their development has prompted us to come up with new ways of providing services, which include virtual activities and platforms that allow for individualized paths to be developed.

The workforce
The workforce profile is changing, but it is ultimately not that different from the profile of Gen Xers and Baby Boomers. We do, however, have to deal with workers who sign on for the short term. We quickly understood this reality, offering them diverse and creative professional paths to ensure that their talents and potential can be harvested to contribute to the organization's performance.

Leadership is still very important in organizations; however, it must now be shared between the various players (peers, project manager, individual contributor) and be digitized. Leaders must now lead their teams in virtual mode, fostering collaboration through various social platforms. This is even more important in service and IT companies, and will apply in all leadership contexts with the arrival of the Millennials. We have developed various solutions for developing the leaders of today.

Agents of change
Organizational health and management professionals will be required to play key roles as agents of change, contributing to the transformations to be completed in organizations that want to maintain their leadership positions. We are focused on creating conditions conducive to performance in organizations, ensuring that everyone's talents are put to use.

Deploy your strengths!
In closing, I would like to share how proud I am to be at the helm of this company, surrounded by a strong, experienced team. The Alia Consulting team welcomes the opportunity to create conditions that will allow you to deploy your strengths.

President and Chief Executive Officer


Our management team

Lever for organizational success

The management team is comprised of experienced individuals that each play a key role, and contribute, in a unique way, to the company's success. The passion and determination of these people are what differentiates us from others, since they are entrepreneurs who are passionate about organizational development.



Hugo Privé, CMA, CPA
Partner, General manager

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Christine Corneau,

Denis Garneau


Denis Garneau, M.A., B.Sc.


Michaël Savard


Michaël Savard,

Nathalie Sibéril


Nathalie Sibéril, B.A.A, M.B.A., PCC