Leadership Development & Strategy

Today’s organizations work in a constantly evolving environment. The changes they face (technological, social, demographic, economic, etc.) are increasingly rapid and complex. To succeed, leaders must be highly agile and adaptable, and have strong leadership skills. For organizations to be more competitive, attractive, effective, and agile, leaders and employees must be aligned and engaged as they pursue their organization’s vision and strategies.

When you invest in leadership development, you increase the odds that your managers, employees, and, ultimately, your organization will succeed.

At Alia Consulting, we help organizations perform better by implementing sustainable leadership development strategies that generate a real transformation in individuals and organizations. Our development approach not only promotes the acquisition of key competencies for your organization, but also their implementation in the work place. Our many learning solutions (hands-on training, virtual classrooms, communities of practice, co-development, team or individual coaching) allow us to offer each organization a program tailored to its specific needs.

The key components of our leadership development services are listed below. We would be happy to meet with you to learn more about your specific context so we can offer a custom approach that allows you to monitor your progress and achieve your goals.

  • Strategic planning and cultural evolution
  • Succession development and support in change management
  • Organizational diagnostic
  • Management practice improvement
  • Culture and leadership skills development